China IP impulse, joint presentation by Schneiders & Behrendt and Starke

On Friday the September 27th 2019 representatives of the law firm Schneiders & Starke reported on IP protection in China. The lecture took place in the office of our partner Schneiders & Behrendt in Bochum.

From the invitation:

"The protection of trademarks and patents in China is a topic of growing importance for SMEs and large enterprises. Does it make sense to register trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights in China?

The answer to this question has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Intellectual property rights in China can be acquired relatively cheaply and, as a result, they can be effectively enforced.

The prerequisite for this is that the strategic course is set right at the time of registration. If conflicts arise, effective enforcement requires reliable cooperation with partners in China, who do not consider industrial property rights to be a mass business, but make targeted and effective use of the resources available locally.

Find out more from two experienced practitioners who have been registering and enforcing intellectual property rights in China for many years.


China - Effective action against IPR infringers, IP law reform 2019, National Strategy 2020 (CNIPA Regulation), current figures and known cases

Daniel Albrecht, Managing Counsel, Starke, Beijing

The presentation gives an overview of current approaches to effectively enforce protection rights in China. The focus is on targeted and efficient action against major violators. In addition, current legal developments and judicial practice are presented.


Registration strategies for German companies

Till Pfeifer, lawyer at Schneiders & Behrendt, Bochum

The lecture deals with questions concerning the choice of suitable protective rights; In addition to trademarks, copyright certificates should also be considered. It also addresses specific national characteristics, in particular questions concerning the transfer of Latin word marks into Chinese characters. "