Die Internet Information Services Algorithm Recommendation Management (IISARM) Regulations in China, CRi 4/2022

"The IISARM regulations could have broad implications on algorithm service providers, users, and the balance between user autonomy and national security. The new IISARM regulations, like other privacy laws such as the EU GDPR and the German BDSG, are aimed to protect the privacy of those countries’ citizens and to safeguard extraterritorial data transfer. However, the IISARM regulations, in conjunction with the DSL and PIPL, could potentially go one step further since certain requested data must be approved by the Chinese government before it can be obtained in disclosure. The article introduces the reader to IISARM as new regulations (I.), depicts their target (II.), their scope (III.) and portrays their general provisions (IV. et seqq.) as well as their regulations concerning standards for the provision of information service (VII.), protection of users’ rights and interests (VIII.), special protection for specific user groups (IX.), special requirements for specific providers (X.), display requirement (XI.), compatibility with other legislation (XII.), supervision and administration (XIII.) and legal liability (XIV.)."

The entire article by Starke Managing Counsel Daniel Albrecht can be found in  Computer Law Review International, 4/2022, publishung house Otto Schmidt.