33rd Marques Annual Conference in Dublin

Starke managing counsel Daniel Albrecht will take part at the 33rd Marques Annual Conference. The 2019 MARQUES Annual Conference will be held in Dublin from Tuesday 17th - Friday 20th September 2019.

Brands are being buffeted by changes in today’s fast-moving world, driven not just by legal and regulatory developments but also by politics, technology and new business models.This year’s MARQUES Conference looks at the impact of these changes, and how brand owners and IP practitioners can navigate them. Topics covered in the panel sessions will include: megatrends, the impact of global developments on IP; trends in damages awards; evidence of disclosure; tax havens; and the latest developments at WIPO, EUIPO and the CJEU. There will also be workshops on China, comparative and sponsored advertising, split brands and cultural appropriation.

We are happy to meet you there and to discuss about IP in China and worldwide. For meeting requests, please use the contact formular of our website, or write us an email.