Symposium on Intellectual Property related Developments & Challenges in China/Shenyang

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, the SYMPOSIUM ON DEVELOPMENTS AND CHALLENGES RELATED TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN Shenyang was held in Shenyang. The first event in this context in Shenyang.

About 35 company and association representatives participated in this event, organized by the AHK North China and the German Consulate General in Shenyang.

The panel discussion experts included Dr. Falk Lichtenstein (CMS) and Daniel Albrecht (Starke IP). The moderation was taken over by Dr. Constanze Wang (AHK China). The introduction was given by Hendrik Barkeling (Consul General in Shenyang) and Christoph-Severin Haase (Counsellor, German Embassy in Beijing).

The participating experts were pleased to receive numerous questions from the audience and the lively discussion on current developments and problems regarding IP in China.