How you can protect your IP during exhibitions in China, EURObiz China 10/2015

About: How you can protect your IP during exhibitions in China; the new article of Starke Managing Counsel Daniel Albrecht  you can find in the new issue of the EURObiz 10/2015, the magazine of the European Chamber of Commerce in China. EURObiz contains articles and features that address the important issues affecting European businesses in China. Contributions are regularly submitted by Chamber members who are experts in their field.

"For many foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market, attending exhibitions here is often the first step. Infringement of IPR is unfortunately an all-too-common during these kind of events, so it’s important to ensure that your IPR is properly protected before attending them. For foreign brands—especially those that are reputable—it is highly likely that at some point they will be imitated or copied, due to a general lack of awareness of and respect for IP protection in China’s business environment."

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