eCOMMERCE DAY of the Austrian retail association, under the motto "The Gamechanger"

On June 12, 2019, the eCOMMERCE DAY of the Austrian retail association took place in Studio 44 under the motto "The Gamechanger".

The full-day event „eCommerce Day“ #thegamechanger is the meeting place of the eCommerce industry and dealt with the current trends and challenges in online trading. One focus of the event was the cross border strategies in eCommerce.

Trade association president Stephan Mayer-Heinisch opened the eCommerce Day 2019 and reviewed the past 19 years since the first edition of the industry event. Much has happened since then: Facebook and Google have conquered the global advertising market, Amazon has revolutionized eCommerce with its marketplace and the smartphone has become the driving force in online shopping with impressive growth rates. "No company is 'too big to fail' in retail, and nobody knows if Amazon or Alibaba will be around in 10 years," said Mayer-Heinisch. The president urged the audience to rethink retail: "Only in this way can we master the huge challenges of digitalization, globalization and climate change together - in a strong Austria, in a strong Europe."

High-caliber speakers such as Google Austria Country Director, or high end fashion designer Marina Hörmanseder and former ski racer & entrepreneur Marc Girardelli contributed speeches to the success of the event.

Starke Managing Counsel Daniel Albrecht refered on the topic: Everything fake? Product piracy in eCommerce.

From the press release for the event:

"When it comes to cross border issues, Daniel Albrecht from Starke Consulting is one of the absolute professionals. The German lawyer has lived in Beijing for decades and knows the Chinese eCommerce market like the back of his hand.

The eCommerce market in China will be bigger by 2020 than GB, Japan, DE and France together! The largest online market in the world!

There are extremely many specialized webshops in China.

If you want to conquer the market in China, you have a lot to think about:

Which products? How to present? Which platforms?

If you become active in China, you have to deal intensively with the country-specific platforms, as many western players are banned (such as Google). "

About 250 people from the field of e-commerce took part in the event.