Axess AG purchase OUDAO Vast Knowledge Ltd.; First acquisition done in 2018

The picture shows the successful signing ceremony between our client Axess AG and OUDAO Vast Knowledge Ltd. during the Austria Connect in April 2018. The signing happens under eyes of the Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz and the President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Christoph Leitl and their delegation in Beijing . 

Axess buys the majority shares of Oudao in order to intensify their growing business in China and being closer to their highly valued customers.

It was the first time, that an Austrian company will acquire an Chinese company in the winter sport sector. At that reason, also the Austrian press reported intensively about the deal. Austria is COUNTRY OF HONOR of the WORLD WINTER SPORTS BEIJING EXPO 2018! The winter sport sector is one of the most import sector for the Austrian economy.

For us, it was also the first M&A deal in 2018. It was a pleasure to advise and help our client Axess AG during the long process. We are looking forward to close it soon and to support our client in the future.