Schutz des Geistigen Eigentums in der VR China, in RIW 5, 2017

Starke Managing Counsel Daniel Albrecht veröffentlichte einen Fachartikel über das Thema"Legal Protection of Intellectual Property in Chinain Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft (RIW 2017), Heft 05, Beilage, Seiten 1-12.

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"To obtain trademark protection in China, an application for a China trademark can be filed through the national registration system or the international registration system. For a national trademark application in China, an application has to be filed at the China Trademark Office by an official agent.

For the international registration, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has provided a platform for international registrations among members of the so called “Madrid Agreement”. As China is a member of this agreement, it is possible to file an application for a trademark there using the international registration system. To use the WIPO system for a trademark application in China is nearly useless, because you always need to register your trademarks in a Chinese translation. If you do not, a competitor will register your trademark in a Chinese version which may cause you a lot of trouble later on.

The trademark registration system in China strictly follows the first to file system, and is not a first to use country. The first applicant who files a China trademark application will get the trademark registration in China. This leads to the problem of the notorious so-called “trademark squatters” who register a trademark without the intention of using it, but demand a high price once the true trademark owner tries to enter the Chinese market. So in order to lower the risk of someone else owning your trademark, it is advisable to file a Chinese trademark application as soon as possible."